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Experience Insight

Using science to understand and improve customer experience

Tripping Points®

Every second of every minute, whatever you're doing, your brain is monitoring the world around you and trying to optimise your body's resources so that you can survive and achieve your goals. It does this by predicting what is going to happen next. When there is a mismatch between these predictions and reality, you experience a Tripping Point®.


What are the specific Tripping Points® and where in the customer or staff journey do they occur? Using tools from psychology, physiology and neuroscience, we systematically investigate the customer experience and where it goes wrong.


How much does each Tripping Point® matter, individually and when combined with others? We categorise Tripping Points® and use evidence-based insight to work out how each should be addressed.


We devise a tailored programme of solutions that will improve the customer or staff experience. These focus on people, place and process.