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Tripping Points®

Every second of every minute, whatever you’re doing, your brain is monitoring the world around you and trying to optimise your body’s resources so you can both survive and achieve your goals. It does this by predicting what’s going to happen next.

Whenever there’s a mismatch between these expectations and reality, you experience a ‘Tripping Point®’ - an initially unconscious cascade of physiological and neurological reactions that represents your brain’s response to getting it wrong. This system evolved as an essential defence mechanism in a dangerous world, where you simply can’t afford to get things wrong. It’s how you learn from experience so your expectations will be more accurate in the future.


Using tools from psychology, physiology and neuroscience, we forensically investigate the customer experience and where it goes wrong to produce a Tripping Point® Index.

Understanding tripping points, where and why they occur and how much each matters, is critical to developing better experiences for both your customers and your staff so they:

  • Buy from you
  • Stay loyal to you
  • Like and trust you
  • Recommend you to others.


We categorise Tripping Points® into three types:

  • Those that can be removed
  • Those whose adverse effects can be reduced
  • Those that are integral to the experience and must be compensated for.

We use Tripping Point® Focus to work out how much each Tripping Point® matters and how each should be addressed.


We offer a comprehensive programme of training, coaching and development support based on our original Tripping Point® research to improve the experience of your customers and your team.

These solutions fall into three distinct but interconnected groups:

  • People – the staff that interact directly with customers as part of the experience
  • Place – the environment where the experience takes place
  • Process – how the experience is delivered.

The Retail Experience Programme is a practical example of our Tripping Point® Fix.

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