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The REP offers training programmes that focus on improving customers’ experiences and dealership performance.

Based on original research our courses focus on Sales, Aftersales, Prospecting, Conversion, Resilience, Emotional and Motivational Competence and Leadership.

We work closely with your team to apply the findings to their real-life, day-to-day work with customers and colleagues. For example:

  • The science of how people think, feel and make decisions in different interactions and situations
  • How to recognise different states of mind and motivation in Sales and Aftersales customers
  • How staff can manage their own responses and behaviours to deliver a great experience and get the best possible result – with every customer, every time.

Our training is ‘experiential’, which means learning by thinking, doing and reflecting rather than just watching and listening. We ask and encourage dealership staff to bring their own knowledge and experience to the learning process and to contribute as much as they can.

We train staff from across the dealership – Dealer Principals, managers and front line staff. Everyone can be included, and everyone has opportunities to develop and practice new skills and new ways of working with customers and colleagues.

There are online extras for keen learners – a library of resources that link to each of the training sessions and provide more in-depth information about key concepts and topics.

At Vertu Honda we have been able to build a strong business foundation and culture with the help of the Retail Experience Programme. We have seen consistent uplifts in performance, customer satisfaction and colleague retention levels during our involvement in the programme at multiple sites throughout our group.

Chris Taylor, Managing Director, Vertu Honda

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