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Our history

Tim Routledge the founder of Experience Insight, began his career in advertising – but he has always had a fascination with neuroscience.

Throughout his career in marketing, production, creative and account management, Tim always believed that science could benefit business.

He completed a two year period of intense research into the science of human experience and in 2005 he co-founded The Newcomen Group, a unique organisation devoted to bringing science and business closer together. Cutting-edge research projects for clients including Honda, Samsung, Virgin Atlantic, DHL & Aviva followed, and Tim’s passion to understand and profile customer experiences and engineer optimal alternatives grew.

His experience with The Newcomen Group ultimately led him to form Experience Insight in 2012. The agency is based on new psychological and neuroscientific thinking, designed to use science to understand customer experience in forensic detail and then apply that knowledge to implement practical and commercial solutions.

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